About Us

Welcome to your one-stop Orthopaedic Surgery Centre, Atlas Orthopaedic Group (AOG). Conceived by Dr Michael Soon and Dr Chua Soo Yong, AOG strives to provide you, our patient, with the best possible treatment for your orthopaedic needs, to ensure the best outcome. While both Dr Soon and Dr Chua are highly trained and qualified in the practice of General Orthopaedics, they each, however, bring the sub-specialty practice of Sports and Spine Surgery to new echelons of world-class standards. At AOG, you come first.


Meaning of Atlas Orthopaedic Group:

The name Atlas bears significance for both Dr Soon and Dr Chua.

Atlas was noted to be a Greek Titan, that carried the world upon his shoulder. As a shoulder and knee sports surgeon, the image of a strong and forward looking Atlas who is able to lift burdens comfortably on his shoulder, indicates our aim to restore our patients back to ability to be strong and sporting again.

For Dr Chua, the first vertebrae of the spine is the first cervical vertebrae, which is also called the atlas bone. It is the first bone that holds up the globe of our skull. Hence it's importance to a spine surgeon, who aims to be first among equals.

We have the fortune of having Joel Chin, a friend who works in an advertising agency, design our logo as well as our clinic. As he puts it, the design represents strength and stability of the joints of the skeletal system. For the icon Atlas, instead of the usual squatting postion which is too static and passive, a standing and forward moving posture is chosen instead. This symbolizes a stable and progressive company.

Atlas Orthopaedic Group - Supporting your every movement